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    2. The performance of hydraulic hose crimping machine

      Clicks:13762019-10-16 14:05:04 Source: Handanshi Kangmai Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd.

      Hydraulic hose crimping machine can now provide a telescoping ball bar detector for any shop, used for rapid detection of machine tool, as long as the 15min can complete the detection task, in order to maintain the accuracy of machine tools. Mismatch using cue detection can accurately assess the tool geometric accuracy, roundness and stick / slip error, servo gain mismatch, vibration, backlash and repeat precision and scale. The diagnosis of some clubs software can provide specific error according to the ISO 230-4 and ASME B5.54 and B5.57 standard, and then provide a common English list, in accordance with the overall impact on the accuracy of machine sequence, various error sources list. This can make the machine maintenance personnel directly to the problem areas for processing.
      The stage of cue test with performance on development trend of machine tool. Preventive maintenance is conducive to deviate from the processing ability in the machine before the planned in advance. The industry generally tend to according to the need, and not in accordance with the time correction machine. There is no reason for the maintenance and out of a station is engaged in the production of intact machine to correction. When found to have what not the normal situation, or to allow detection of clubs and production of parts to determine.
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